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SINCE 1996
5th° Hapkido Black Belt
I.H.F. Grandmaster
Myung Jae-Nam


Certified Jiu-Jitsu
Black Belt
Master Ruben Charles Maciel
Aka “Cobrinha”

Barrios Martial Arts

Barrios Martial Arts specializes in training Adults and kids in self defense and to prepare them for life in the future. We specialize in the teaching of Hapkido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With over 20 years of experience we have worked with all types of bodies (short, medium, tall) and different ages and have encountered almost all sorts of personality. We have a high success rate with students being promoted to black belts every year. On average a kid/youth/adults can earn their black belt in 4-7 years. This channel is here to promote the art of self defense and provide basic lessons for you free to learn at home. Feel free to come in for a free private lesson or to join the classes as a trial. We are located in the Potrero District in San Francisco.